Auckland's Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms, also known as Sakura, are very popular in Japan during spring time. Tourists, young and old, gather for the highly anticipated, centuries-old tradition of Hanami (cherry blossom-viewing).

Japan being the most popular, cherry blossoms are also present in China, South Korea and India, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Spring time came and in our case it was our first time experiencing what the spring season is all about. We made sure to go and visit the famous cherry blossoms where I’ve only seen artificial imitations of them.

Cornwall park is the ‘oasis’ at the heart of Auckland City. It’s a recreational public resort for the family to enjoy . And just near the main car park, off Pohutukawa Drive, the cherry blossoms are found.

New Zealand’s spring time is from September – November. As the cherry blossoms bloom in just two weeks, it is best to visit them either last Week of September or first week of October.

As expected, when we arrived, since there’s no entrance fee, the park was filled with people of different nationalities taking photos and some were having picnics. The cherry blossoms in Cornwall have two main varieties: 'Awanui' (Prunus xtedoensis) make up the two group plantings and flower first; while the 'Accolade' (Prunus sargentii x Prunus subhirtella) line the pathway leading from the pedestrian crossing on Pohutukawa Drive up to the poplar steps.

So if you’re planning to visit Auckland in Spring time, this is must-do and not-to-miss scenery! Plus, you wouldn’t need to worry about thick sweaters and freezing weather.  

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