My Birthing Story

For as long as I can remember, I've always been that type of person who couldn't tolerate pain very well. A little prick on the finger or scrape to the knee and I would literally go nuts. I've always wanted to be a mother but just the thought of giving birth and having a human being coming out of your vagina would literally scare the shit out of me.

"Brace yourselves, contractions are coming"

February 24, 2015

The contractions started; they were mild but bearable. Intervals were far off nothing serious for now.

February 25, 2015

Contractions were getting worse so I decided to see my OB-GYN. I was advised to proceed to the hospital to be examined thoroughly.

As we arrived, we were given sorts of forms where I had my sister take charge of. I was brought to a room where the doctor had to examine how far off I was. Part of the exam was to check how dilated my cervix was, so I asked how that was done. I choked on my own spit after hearing about the procedure. Being me I immediately asked if it was going to hurt. I had no choice but to give in and hope for the best. It was like one of those cartoons where the doctor slaps in a glove and you just lay there scared as hell. The doctor then placed her fingers inside my vagina all the way up to my cervix. It felt very uncomfortable plus the contractions weren't helping at all. My cervix was 5cm dilated and I was asked to proceed to the labor room. It was around 10pm.

My husband wasn't in the country at that time. He was in Singapore cause of work. My sister was in constant communication with him regarding my status. He then decided to take the first flight back home.

Inside the room, I was alone. Family members weren't allowed inside, even cellphones weren't allowed. I was alone. But I never felt lonely. My unborn baby was right beside me the whole time and I told him "Ill see you soon".

I was advised to take all my clothes off and provided me with a hospital gown. Granted it felt uncomfortable for me at first but you get used to it. Actually feels like wearing pyjamas without any underwear on.

The labor room is like a ward where you had to share with other expectant mothers. Many were already moaning in pain. The resident doctors, nurses and interns were busy attending from one mother to another.

The doctors checked my baby's heartbeat, he was asleep. They were shaking my tummy to get him to wake up as it was needed for him to be awake during labor. It took a while but he awoke eventually and his heartbeat showed up fine. Glad he wasn't cranky or he'd beat me up from the inside.

February 26, 2015

It was almost midnight when my OB-GYN arrived. She advised me to stimulate my nipple and I was given some medicine [forgot the name] to induce labor. Just when I was about to relax, then it hit me, one of my greatest fears came knocking on my door. The most excruciating pain I have ever felt came rushing in. I cried non-stop, I couldn't move, or breathe, I thought I was going to die. Think of the most painful feeling you can imagine and times that by a hundred, no, by a thousand, that's what I felt during labor. The pain would subside just for a brief moment then would come back. The only relief was knowing that it would pass and I’d get in a breath before the next one. This cycle goes on for hours and I could barely get some sleep. I kept calling for my mother but they were still not allowed inside. Imagine having to go all this kind of pain without anyone by my side - no husband, no parents, no sister.

At around 1:30 am, they checked my cervix again and it turned out to be 6.7cm. During this time, they taught me how to properly push and follow procedure, so when the time comes, I'd know what to do. The doctor said "When you feel like you need to push, I’ll count to ten, and you push as hard as you can for those ten seconds.” It was tough and I got a little freaked out by the pain. I would push really hard for about 5 seconds and then back off. The doctor then told me, "If you continue to be like this then it would be hard for you to let the baby out". So I said to myself, I can do this, for my baby.

At around 5am, they checked my cervix again and it turned out to be 8cm this time. My waterbag didn't break, so the doctor had to break it herself. It was quarter to 6am when they checked my cervix for the 4th time, I was already crowning.

I was transferred to the delivery room to, yes you've guessed it, deliver my baby. The next part you can imagine, like out of a movie where you see both legs up and you’re huffing and puffing to push out the baby. In some cases you'd shit yourself but the doctor says its normal in situations like that. It took a little over 10 minutes and finally he pops out like pimple. My little angel, my son, weighing 7.8 pounds at 7:03am. He was perfect.

After the delivery, I asked for water to drink because I felt thirsty, they declined and I got upset then told them I was dehydrated, they replied "you wont be, you have a dextrose on". They should've transferred me to the burn ward because I took a major burn right there.

They cleaned my baby and cut his umbilical cord, stitched me up, where I barely noticed because my pain-meter broke during the labor. They placed him on my chest and let us bond. I could feel his heartbeat, he was so soft and fragile. Nothing compares to the feeling of cuddling your baby for the first time after carrying inside your womb for 9 months. I've never felt so close to heaven, I smiled and whispered to him, "you have your father's nose".

After all was said and done, we were transferred to a room where my newborn would receive his BCG vaccination. Then to a private room where my family, including my husband who was fresh from Singapore, were waiting.

From a girl growing up fearing pain, to a woman who went through so much just to deliver my firstborn, Yeshua Zane G. Baratbate, I can proudly say "I survived!" I know this was only the beginning of a new journey to motherhood.


As much as I wanted to document my labor and delivery, the hospital I was admitted to wouldn't allow gadgets inside the labor and delivery room even with my consent.

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